Get the complete Shanky Profiles Collection now

Here you can get the full Shanky Bot Profiles Collection in one package!
The best and most popular bot profiles are carefully collected since 2010!
It includes all the latest versions + potential free future updates. 
MTT Butcher is not included!

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The full pack includes the latest versions of these profiles:

- Sonic Hyper Turbo HU SNG
- KGB Advanced
- Spin and Win (3max Hyper-Turbo)
- Moshman SNG Pack
- MTT champ
- Web6MaxSNG
- WebTurboSNGGen2
- WebMTTAggGen2
- Optimus
- Event Horizon
- Revolution pack
- Chaser SNG/DON/MTT pack
- Stealth pack
- Invictus pack
- Jackal pack (include JackalSNG)
- Bracelet
- Iveyswish MTT
- Iveyswish SNG
- Tensor FL
- Retribution
- Fish-Tilter
- SpeedPoker + Invasion + CakeEater
- EndGame
- TeamChevy25NL
- Bellic 6-max
- 6-Man Death Punch
- FireStorm 6max v01
- FireStorm FR + (LAG & NIT) pack
- Agripin
- Donkey Nightmare
- MSP2011 + MSP v78 + MSPX v5.1 pack
- Stealth pack
- SC Shark and Dogfish
- MicroMonster
- Omaha Pack (many profiles)

All profiles in txt version. You can download here the password protected rar file to check out the profiles are 100% real! You can check out the txt files with their sizes but you can't open them! Since the profiles are proven to be real, we have no reason to scam you! We will send all the profiles to your desirable email!

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Updates are free for previous customers! You have to request it with your payment email!

Proof video about the collection (it's real!):

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