Retribution 6max Cash Game Shanky Bot Profiles

Retribution is a Short-handed/Full Ring NL cash game profile.

Retribution1.8.txt file over 980KB txt file and 9300+ code lines
Retribution1.92.txt file over 980KB txt file and 9300+ code lines

While working on EndGame, I was fortunate enough to befriend a few individuals that are truly elite level poker players. Through conversations, email exchanges, and forum discussions we began working on a more personal profile. With the work of 4 people, 6 months time, and a mere 74 versions later, Retribution version 1.0 was born. It quite simply is, my personal profile.

To answer the question of why I am sharing this, it is for two very basic reasons. The first is that I am somewhat limited by geographical restrictions and time to be able to completely maximize my profits with this profile. The second is that I will likely start working on a profile of a slightly different nature. This ensures that I will not be running into my own profile during testing and therefore am not concerned about it being on the tables.

Profile Information
With that out of the way, on to what is the most important part. Retribution is designed as an aggressive short-handed profile. I have kept the full ring code from EndGame, which will make it play better in this format overall given the advancements to the post-flop code, but the work has all been towards 6-handed play. There is far more money and rake back to be earned on these tables.

The profile plays a tight style, I cannot be too specific to protect the identities of investors, but it is certainly a TAG style overall. The profile never limps (except what remains of the full ring code) and the only randomness occurs within the bottom range of 3 and 4-bets. It has proven to win over all positions except the blinds, which is common for any decent poker player.

I have also included a graph which is taken from iPoker speed tables below.

I have included the RB line at 57% to show the true earning potential beyond that of even what is earned on the tables. This graph only took a few days to create given the volume of hands on speed poker.

Other Information
Retribution will be offered in a text format. It is your profile and you should be free to do with it as you wish.

All updates will be included in the price.

The code itself is just over 9500 lines total and has been verified. This includes elements of Doodle to limit the amount of root level programming that is used during game-play. Doodle 95 is the version included, but even that has been modified during testing as well.

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