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TypeCash Game, NL, 6-max and Full Ring
Code lines10000+
5 INSTRUCTIONS filesdocx


EndGame is a positionally aware cash game profile that adapts to both short-handed and full ring tables. Thousands of lines of code are dedicated to both table formats to ensure that the profile adapts to both types of tables. The code centers on strategies for full ring games and situations in which the opponents drop below 6. Sitting at a short-handed table will automatically invoke code designed for short-handed play as well as the number of opponents dropping in a full ring game to less than 6.

User-defined variables are used throughout the profile. Not only do they govern the opponent count and the number of orbits in a round, but they are also used on each and every street to build upon each other for sophisticated bluffs and float bets.

EndGame is based largely upon random variables. By doing this, it increases the likelihood that the profile will be able to remain on a single table for hours at a time and not become too predictable. Obviously hand ranges and overall strategies remain fairly stable throughout, but limps, raises, 3-bets, squeeze plays and bet sizes will vary slightly based on position and opponents' actions/position. Consideration has also been given on several streets to combat the plays that opponents typically attempt when they are semi-aware that they may be facing a bot. I have been told by at least 1 tester that it quite simply does not play like a bot.

With this purchase you will also receive access to the forum. Admittedly it is just in its infancy as far as it being an asset, but that should rapidly change as new members join. The idea of the forum is to specifically exploit the opponents of each particular site or blind size by adapting the profile to that site. This will be done with the use of text that I will code based on the feedback of that forum. Rest assured, that does not mean this profile needs this kind of extra coding, it simply conquers the problem of trying to play the typical opponent on one site without sacrificing winnings on another. Quite frankly, the profile was designed to play at Bodog (for my personal use) and winning on iPoker requires a slightly different approach. Cake also provides some unique and exploitable characteristics that I just do not feel comfortable doing on the other sites. These texts will always be optional and coded by me to ensure they fit in seamlessly with the rest of the profile structure.

iPoker- Since I know this is the question on most people's minds, I will answer it as honestly as I can based on the results of my testers. As the profile sits today, it plays even or slightly winning poker at both NL2 and NL4 tables. Two testers that have been dedicated to this site have played even poker on these stakes with 1 of the testers playing winning poker. Advice has been given to me about how to start raking in additional pots and limit our losses in others on that site alone, but they are not strategies that I would like to see on some of the other sites. This type of approach is the same that took this from a mediocre profile to winning with regularity on other sites. So as is and without text additions, we are holding our own on the sites and enjoying the profits that rake back provides. NL10 on this site has not been fully tested in its latest versions, and not out of fear of losses, but rather I have released the testers from their servitude and they have flocked to sites that are showing huge profits (with 1 tester having a pretty good run on limits higher than I have ever touched with a bot).

Specifics- I am purposely being very vague about the overall strategy of he profile. This is for the sake of purchasers. I will be more than happy to answer any specific site, strategy, or profits related to this profile by pm or email. I have no problem telling you how it may play in any given situation, but I feel this may a bit too much for a public type forum. I am sure investors and potential buyers can both appreciate this.

Testers- Please contact any of them for their opinions, assessment, or feelings on the profile. I would prefer if it is more than just a general type question that this be done in other means besides publicly. All of them are using this profile as their own in some capacity now and I would prefer to keep the profile's exact plays in spots confined to a tighter group.