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6/21/2012 - took 4th out of 7** in a $5 recently...around 5500% ROI :]

6/12/2012 - I took 1st out of 1000+ recently... :]

6/10/2012 - Another nice win with WEBMTTAGGGEN2 and completely unattended. A big one is coming soon im sure

6/7/2012 - Another final table not a biggy but proof it can win. I did help it along at the beginning but not sure i needed to. Does better in deep stacks

6/7/2012 - Another final table not a biggy but proof it can win. I did help it along at the beginning but not sure i needed to. Does better in deep stacks

5/18/2012 - Placed 3rd last night and won $543!!
Nice one webber! Keep up the good work!!

5/6/2012 - wanted to say thanks!!! this profile champed $5 tourney completely unassisted!

1/7/2012 - WebMTT is simply.. wow !, 1st day of using it and already paid for itself , 2nd place in a 5$ freezeout!

1/4/2012 - Another nice final table last night. 5th in a $5 freezeout for $2xx Would have gone further but the big stack rivered with a worse hand and sucked out on me lol as always (got my aces cracked twice earlier once by 74o and then again by 78o...i love variance!)
Glad the prices are rising and would be happier if sales stopped altogether haha
Anyways thanks Tara and looking forward to the update. Happy new year

12/27/2011 - I'm now into my 3rd week with WebMttAgg and already have won over $1k in prizes.
This profile makes FT's on a regular basis.
It has paid for itself many times over.I don't think i need to say anymore.
Thank you    Webber

12/26/2011 - Happy holidays everyone. Just an update. Last week i attempted to get into a $100,000 GT tourney using the profile from the lowest satellite upwards, so here is the story.
1) Entered $1.65 satellite won seat to $6 Satellite
2) Won seat from $6 to $15 satellite.
3) Won seat from $15 to $30 satellite
4) Won seat to the main tourney from $30 satellite, buy in for main tourney $215
5) Profile got me ITM for $xxx on main tourney, went out when top pair was rivered by a set during an all in.

Profit of $xxx from initial $1.65 buy in
Profile continues to  

12/9/2011 - I started botting a month or so ago. Started with a smallish bankroll but thanks to the free mtt doodle kit got a 1st in a well paying tourney and was able to have a comfortable roll. Like most newbies I bought several of the better rated market place profiles and did ok....then came the webagg  
without disresepcting the other excellent coders who have spent time making really good profiles i can say that the webagg surpasses them all and I WILL NOT use anything else for mtts.
I am fortunate to have got the profile for the price I did and urge you to get it before the price rises. It is an excellent profile. It plays in a way that will accumulate chips and plays very intelligently at all levels of the game.
The profile has got me to several FT in a very short period of time including a 3rd in a $5 tourney and 2nd in $3 tourney. Well worth the investment if you are serious about playing and making money from mtts.

12/9/2011 - Thanks for the quick update to PPL format.
Using WebMTTaggr profile at Cake Poker,  profile doing a great job. Still evaluating it at Minted Poker.
Your SNG profiles are the best out there, No one's SNG profile even comes close.
Thanks again for great profiles Tara,


12/7/2011 - Hi Guys..
Just to let you know,since UB shut down,I thought my days of using this profile were over.
Man was I wrong... I brought it with me to Cake and Minted. With all of webbers fixes
she made it 1 of the strongest profile i've seen here.
I'm at the point were I will not use anything else... and believe me I have bought mostly all of them.
If you have a question about the plays, just send her the log and she will tell you why it made that play
or fix it..


12/2/2011 - Just want to report another great result-2nd in a $3 freezeout

Following this the profile took down 3rd in a $5 tourney for $1xx so what can i say but  



Introducing a new generation of profile for the Shanky Bot. With “WebMTTAgg Gen2”, the user can just load the profile into the bot the way it is and let it play a very successful mtt style of poker. However, the true beauty to this profile is in the interchangeability. With just a change of a few lines at the top of each street, you can now change how the profile plays in different situations. Program the profile to play loose preflop, aggressive postflop, loose stealing.  Or, Tight preflop, Loose C-Bet, passive on the flop, aggressive on the turn and river.  There are a ton of different styles this profile can be programmed to play!!  This also includes a rebuy section of code to allow the profile to play successful rebuy/addon tourney strategy!! Here is a list of categories that can be changed with a simple uncomment and comment of lines with more to come in the future…

Preflop play before the bubble (Tight/Loose/Default - Webber Style)
Stealing in Position (Tight/Loose/Default - Webber Style)
HU play (Tight/Loose/Default - Webber Style)
Shortstack Play (Tight/Loose/Default - Webber Style)
Early Stage Post Flop Play (Aggressive/Passive/Default - Webber Style)
Middle To Late Stage Post Flop Play (Aggressive/Passive/Default - Webber Style)
Continuation Bet play (Aggressive/Passive/Default - Webber Style)

The profile is delivered in Txt format for easy modification if desired
It also comes with an instruction manual in PDF form, for easy directions on
changing the styles of play.

This profile contains 10000+ lines of code.

Here is a brief description of the default (Webber Style) play:

WebMttAgg is a profile that plays an extremely smart small ball approach.  It starts with big betting in the early stages to gather a good chip stack.   It uses the Dan Harrington "M-Zone" Push/Fold strategy and calculates exact M-Zone stages to make the correct shove.  This profile makes very intelligent bluffs, steals pots and blinds with high percentages, plays implied odds and set mines in the early stages and tends to steal pots and make good calls when opponents are allin based on their stacksize, you're stacksize, and their range of pushing hands.  In the mid to late stages it begins to switch gears and takes intelligent stealing opportunities.  It also pushes using the same information making the profile in the lead on most showdowns.  This is an excellent profile which a member took 1st in the FT Daily Double, and has recorded many other very successful prizes.