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results were from bovada and winning poker network

results were not my own.  one tester was used.  stats are becoming less limited.

the bigger the field the better!

tester journal:

Ok, here is the current graph.
Had an extended period of run bad.
At one point we ran into AA three mtts in a row!

Hi Robert,
Quick update, the profile does not cash as often at Bovada due to the size of mtts,
but it is more $$ when it does!
Yesterday finished 18 in a $5 that had 1100 players! Would had gone deeper
but we got crippled when our AK was cracked by 66 Sad.
Still about a $160 br.

Hi Robert!
Just been playing Bovada only last 3 days and just got a second in a $2 rebuy!
$6.60 total buys and a $76 score!!! Your profile played beautifully!
We finally got some hands that held.
Deposited $100 and using only your profile have about $150 after about 12 mtts.
If we don't get coolered or brutally sucked out, we go very deep. Well done SIR!

Your latest version is doing much better the
I don't know if the variables that can be changed in his would help much or not?Huh?
The fact is though, if we don't get sucked out somewhere, yours will cash every time!
In that last graph, I think we had run 7 or 8 $2 mtts and the 4 we did not cash, we were knocked
out with AA, QQ, AK and AQs! Just a little run good and it is CHA CHING! Smiley

The hits keep coming!!  rockout

No downswing this time! Final tabled a $3R last night, woke up to almost a $200 score this morning!  thumbsup

I will post an updated graph but I think it will be my last one. A little worried that the Bot Nazis might
catch up to me!

This profile rocks Monger!

Buyers reports:

Just a FYI, after my 2nd MTT yesterday.. I placed in the final table of a Guaranteed event (>500 entries). Looking forward to see what it does going forward. TY!  will post a graph in the journal section after I get a good sample.

I'm having fun with this profile for sure so far! 20 MTT's in with total buy in of $30 and it has cashed 6 times with total profit of $25.10 only -$5.00 so far !   It is just a matter of time before it goes super deep! 2 times this week MTT Champ has amassed 65k chips in a few 1 k GTDs while I was off at a friends house barbequing and drinking beers  lol Will most likely start a Journal after 100 tourneys

MTT Champ update..! So I hit the 200 MTT benchmark a few days back with this profile and wanted to report back my results so far. Currently have played 208 MTT's with a investment of $287.30 and a profit of $344.57.All tourneys buy ins are ranging from $1.00 to $3.00. I was getting scared a few weeks back  when my BR hit less then $10 but then the Poker gods shined on MTT champ and he won a top 3 spots in a RTR Freeroll  which is extremely hard for me to do by the way...! "The Champ" enabled it so I can play him another 200 MTT's and report back at 400.Thanks whoremonger I'm having fun with this one!   thumbsup
Hey by the way I was wondering what it would  take to  get the MTT Champ profile adjusted so it can play 9 man SNG's with Bubble play implemented ? The profile already plays SNG"S very solid and I think with some sort of Bubble play it would be worth purchasing. ok

The profile has won a 55€ Tourney entry, and 2x 25€ entries, with just 30€ investment, but I didn’t win anything in the big ones.
The profile plays great in small satellites and steps, I will keep you informed when the first big cash arrives, It’s just a matter of time.
Btw, great and different profile, I love it ;)

testers graph: