3max Hyper-Turbo Spin&Go's Spin and Win!

Spin and Win Profile info
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Original developer's description:

Spin and Win is a solid hyper-turbo sng profile with an advanced Push/Fold code spezialized for the 3max hyper Spins. The code was modified with ICMIZER2 and includes over 700 calculations to ensure best mathematical push/fold poker.

Standard push/fold code applies at 10bb but is fully customizable by the cutomer. The profile has 1 codeline for each blindsize and situation starting from 2bb - 74bb.

To activate a codeline to be executed, simply remove the // at the beginning of the specific codeline. The blindsize related to the codeline, you can see at the end of each line.

Code is approved by webber

At ACR, the spins are part of Sit n Crush leaderboard. So for every game you play, you receive points for the leaderboard for additional cash rewards.