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SpeedPoker + Invasion + CakeEater Profile info
TypeCash Game, NL, 6-max
Code lines7900+



I've been testing a slightly tighter version for Whoremonger, intended to reduce variance a little, especially on the Ipoker speed poker tables.

Max buyin. Autotop up on.
Based on 10K hands per day
Graph filtered for stacksize between 70 big blinds and the recommended to buyers sitout stacksize.
Rakeback line set to 57% to reflect the WH deal available here.


playing 2nl- 4nl USD tables and Euro tables

!Webber approved
!Profile comes in Txt. format
!Profile comes in easy to understand "commented" state
!Creative and unique Custom variables used

*all buyin/ sitout and other instructions sent with purchase

This is a Full Stack 6man NL cash game profile that is beating Ipoker.  I ask the "tester" to best describe the play of this profile, and this is his quote:   "SLAG, solid lag 

LAG would be 23/21 or above. You're playing 19/17 and both 6man marketplace profileXXXXX and 6man marketplace profileYYYYY which are TAG play more like 17/14.

It took a different approach to beat Ipoker 6 handed micros.  SLAG.   When playing alot of hands preflop, proper and precise postflop coding is imperative!!  Alot of time in testing 

and in mods were consumed to reach these results, and i would like to thank ALL the testers involved in this project.  I would also like to add that i have been a part of this forum 

for close to three years now.  Selling multiple marketplace profiles for well over a year.  Lets just say the complaint department is all free, because i am simply not getting any 

complaints.  I enjoy coding, and have no plans to leave any time soon.  This profile is fully supported as usual.


*txt format                                                                                                       
*approx 3600 lines of goodness
Earn Gold Cards!

Earn Gold Coins!   

This profile is designed specific for Cake poker NL micro cash games.  It is a short stack strategy profile.  There is a buyin/sitout thresh hold that will be sent out in the instructions upon purchase.
All stats accrued were from the same account.  All hands were run consistently(normal breaks and days off of course), without game changes or limit changes.  No table selection of any kind was used during testing.
Rakeback for the profile is very important.  This is where the profit is coming from.  Rakeback on the graph is set to 35%.  With the extra 2% being linked to some of cakes other promos.

Custom variables used to describe situations previously uncovered.  Profile is very well organized, and will be sold in its full TXT and commented state.  With the profiles easy layout and organization, modifications (if desired) become much easier.

With the purchase of this profile i will support any issues.  I have no problems making custom modifications as long as its within reason.  Within reason meaning; bot log supplied, and what you want changed is clear and specific.  This can get tricky so i will do it at my 100% discretion.  Custom mods are nice because it can help disguise the profile, and make it your very own. This profile has been approved by Webber.

This has only been tested at Cake poker.  For all i know, it could hold its own at other sites as well.
In this graph, i include Allin-EV.  Running EV this profile still produces a nice profit with rakeback.  The run in this graph produced 40$ profit in approx 20,000 hands.
1500 hands per day - 5 days per week - 4 weeks per month, would be about 30,000 hands per month.  With around 60$ ahead, in the green.  A slice of cake, some might say.