Tensor FL shanky profile

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TypeCash Game, Fixed Limit, 6-max
Code lines3800+ (without spaces)
Tensor FL (profile)txt


Author's description:

Here is “Tensor”, my Fixed Limit profile for 6 max tables. This profile was originally designed for FL 10, but I have tried it in cake FL 4 and Bodog FL 25 with very good results. As you know mathematics is very important in fixed limit and it took me months to cover all the possible situations...

William Hill Graph (FL 4 and FL 10):

William Hill Graph 2 (FL 4 and FL 10):

BetnGo Graph (FL 4 and FL 10)

UltimateBet Graph (FL 4 and FL 10)

Cake Graph (FL 4 and FL 10, - 95% is FL 4 because most of the time there aren't FL 10 tables in cake)

Bodog graph (FL 10 and FL 25)

888 poker graph (FL 10 and FL 25)