Agripin shanky profile

Agripin Profile info
TypeCash Game, NL, Full Ring
Code lines900+


I frequently get requests for info on higher limits and while i will only ever support the profile playing up to 5nl, the following graphs and stats were provided by customer orangesareblue.

This profile is a 12/8 nit designed to do one thing: rid other people of their buy-ins and give them to you at the micro limits.

There is no cap on the number of buyers, but I do reserve the right to pull it off the market. Any updates will be provided for free, but this profile plays such good poker I doubt there will be any significant changes.


Does this profile contain any other code?
Yes it contains the best parts of the good old Doodle.

Does Egor know this?
Yes, of course.

How many lines?

Is the profile Webber Verified?
Yes it has been verified by Webber as containing no code other than Doodle and my own.

Will the number of sales be capped?
No. I may cap the sales in the future, but there are no plans to.
Are updates free?
Yes, updates will be free. However I was very thorough, and there may be only a few minor updates, if at all. Any feedback or suggestions is appreciated via email.

What is the price based on?
Price is based on rakeback only (not winrates) as its impossible to predict how winrates alter from day to day and week to week but rakeback is constant. Its a rough calculation of 1 months worth of rakeback at one site.

Do i need a hopper?
No but it is highly recommended.

What limits/sites are supported/recommended?
2nl or 5nl at any of shanky supported sites.

Hold on i still have questions.......?
You can most likely find the answers you want in the cached pages of the old thread available above,
if not feel free to post and ask.

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