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Chaser FULL Pack is a No Limit Holdem SNG, Double or Nothing, MTT Profile pack. Profiles no longer available on Shanky Forum.

Pack Includes:
Profile 1. ChaserSNG1 = BODOG MID TO HIGH ; Double or Nothing ; Single Table profile tested at Bodog.
There simply is not another profile as well coded and in depth as this for SNG games. Over 42 variables used in a string variable concept. Strategy is based on mathematical principles and is my own personal strategy.

Profile 2. ChaserSNG2 = BODOG $2 AND $4 AND $8 ; specific SNG profile

Profile 3. Idiot Savant = Bodog $2 
Also included is the IDIOT SAVANT PROFILE...Not particularly coded well. It represents like 7 months of sporadic coding when I was first learning. But for some unknown reason, it just seems to really do well on Bodog $2 and $4 Beginner SNG games.

Profile 4. ChaserSNG40 = IPOKER profile. ($5 and under buy in FR and 6max, Multi Table SNG)
Over 60 uservariables here to catch preflop and flop specific play. 
Profile 5. Ipoker6max Ipoker specific 6max profile, Micro to Low Stake - 3066 lines.

Newest Profile with over 100 user variables used. Coded by Several Popular Poker MTT Books. Extremely Detailed Hand play and Flop play through String Variables. Limp Code to maximize chips on Premium Hands..Mathmatics of Poker was used as it's foundation. Supports All Shanky supported sites. This profile has tons of c-bet, bluff code, and I worked out a ton of push code. Lines - 6490

Profile 7. Custom Flop TEMPLATE and MTT Donkey Flop
+ Information Sheet
+ Bot Check List.txt

1. Professional coding. Tested and viewed by forum members.
2. A very serious and well thought out strategy for the games the profiles are made for.
3. True dedicated customer support.
4. The BEST template you can get. The best use of variables offered in the MP.
5. The BEST forum for truly dedicated SNG players. If you love SNG's, this is where you want to be.

Author's description:

'Mathmatics of Poker':

Please take time to read this book. It was the basis for the push code and c-bet philosophy. I believe that this book does an excellent job of finally addressing what had been a glaring omission in the poker literature: the application of mathematics (as opposed to just numbers and computations) to poker. As Chris Ferguson, a World Series of Poker main event champion and a holder of a PhD in computer science from UCLA, said in his endorsement of the book, "If I ever find myself teaching a poker class for the mathematics department at UCLA, this will be the only book on the syllabus."

I believe there simply is not another MP profile as well coded and defined for SNG and SNGMTT poker play. Testing was done over 375 games for Bodog Profiles to ensure accuracy of code. 3 Forum members tested. Math based principles and Customer Feedback continually update and upgrade their performance.  We are still working to solve IPOKER consistently, but with ChaserSNGMTT, you can grind $1 SNGMTT games to build BR then hit higher Stake SNG or MTT with the supplied profiles.

"This profile can dominate" - jackal697
"Absolutley brilliant" - Jackerher
"This profile wins at mid to high stakes and Chaser's code is great" - Johns14
VALUE ADDED PACKAGE:  You get even more with a purchase.

PREFLOP USER VARIABLE TEMPLATE : This template will allow any user the ability to make a powerful profile using the String Variable Concept. Extremely easy to use. Just add any flop to it you want and BAM, you have a profile as well coded as any there is. The customer support forum contains FREE Flops from the Working Profile Section here as well as my custom flops. One tester made his own complete profile just during the testing period. To me, its the best product your buying. Once you give it the old "eyeball" test, I am confident you will agree.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT THROUGH DEDICATED FORUM:. This forum is not........ just a forum. It has PPL instruction, String Variable instruction, Code request (you have a play and you need it coded) Template Add On's, Customer feedback, discussion and strategy talk. Through the forum, customers can make profiles and share them as they are all originated from my custom templates. All flops will either be your flop, a Free Flop from here, or my custom flop from above sold profiles. Together, we will work toward profitability on any poker skin or site you play.