FireStorm 6max shanky profile

Jackal Pack Profile info
TypeMTT, SNG, Full Ring
Code lines4800+

"FireStorm 6-Max"

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Why Play 6-Max?

To make even more money!

The vast majority of opponents play poker incorrectly. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing limit, no-limit, shorthanded, full ring, tournaments, or whatever; your opponents will, for the most part, be inferior. Shorthanded allows you to play more hands against these bad opponents in the same amount of time. When you’re sitting at a five handed table with a couple of decent players and a couple of fish, you’re going to have so many more opportunities to play hands against the fish than you would in a full ring game.

What makes this deal even better is that most opponents play even worse in shorthanded games. So not only are you playing more hands against this fish, but he’s also playing even worse in a shorthanded game. Opponents in short games will often play too loose. If they don’t play too loose, then you’ll notice that they play too tight. Some play super passive and will call you down with anything – not even raising when they finally hit a strong hand. All these mistakes are compounded by the extra hands you are getting to play against these opponents.