Revolution pack shanky profile

Revolution pack Profile info
TypeMTT, SNG, Full Ring
Code lines3500+



Originally adopted from Tetre's Full ring SnG profile, Revolution is back in the marketplace. It is 3500 lines long and is the direct result of a large volume of hands and suggestions that have been sent to me by current owners. The profile itself remains in the true spirit of the original and is fully customizable. Preflop play can be altered dramatically simply by re-arraigning a starting hand. While this is not essential for the profile to perform admirably, it is certainly a nice feature to have a profile do exactly what you want it to with a change that takes only a few seconds. Individual sites are also accounted for which in some cases simply adapts to that sites rising blind structure, while on other sites combats a few of the known operating bugs. All of this is done to give you every possible chance to succeed at the tables.

For this price you get a full MTT profile along with a separate SnG profile. Moving forward, each profile will be updated on its own to ensure that all of the code is targeting the correct table structure. LAG code has also been introduced into the MTT version essentially making the number of variations infinite.

I have always held to not graphing any results as this was always a work-in-progress profile, and I still adhere to that. There are simply far too many other players responsible for this work for me to put their information out there. What I can say is that we are currently 34 versions out from the original. So we have certainly not remained idle by any means.

All updates will be handled and coded by myself. There is simply the need to provide hands and I will do the work and get the updates out. This is not as important as it was originally as it is performing quite well on its own and has seen a few final tables in large field tournaments, but the offer is always there.

Both profiles are sold as texts.