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Stealth pack Profile info
TypeCash Game Full ring, NL, MTT, DON
Code lines1000+
Stealth MTTtxt



For sale is a proven winner at 5NL Bodog that wins an average 2.2bb/100.
This will be sold as a text profile.
It is a heavily modified doodle, in fact, 100% of the preflop is original.

No hands have been left out or modified in any way.
I couldn't even if I wanted to because this information is from poker-edge and you can see the filters I have set.
Also, my S/N is readily available, I can share that because my Bodog account has been banned.
This profile has been a constant income generator for me, not to mention converting the poker points, I have made well over $600 in profits.
Even after the fulltilt ban, it was a constant winner.
I named this project stealth because of the way it plays, my main focus was to be as unpredictable as possible, even while it's a bot, predictablilty is a make it or break thing in poker.

Here is an update of Carbon at 4NL.
This is a very recent graph (last played 1/21/11)
WIth a lot players using Stealth on Carbon, it still grinds out a healthy profit.
Rakeback being 35% helps tremendously.

Graph explained:
That first drop was a bad run mixed in with a little botting trouble.
Bet size issues, misclicks, and hopper trouble. All that is fixed now.

Second drop I was seeing how my new 10NL code would work at 5NL/bad run.
Can't blame it all on those things tho, it will be a little rocky at this site.
Compared to the only other graph I've seen for Carbon 4NL, this looks pretty good.

Rakeback = $68.25
Total = $120.53

10NL Performance
Carbon 10NL and Info
I'm doing a journal on 10NL. It's looking more and more solid, though too early to tell.
If it was 100% a guaranteed winner at 10NL, the profile will be a lot more expensive it that were the case.
Problem is, there are very limited number of tables as of yet, but 100% of the tables are fishy as you can  see.

Is this a sure winner 10NL winner at Carbon?
Too soon to tell and with many botters moving to this new site, it's hard to see how things will turn out.
But as this profile plays solid poker, I'm sure it will hold its own.
And as this is written in text format, you can make your own little tweaks here and there so you can have your very unique profile so that even if the rooms are flooded with this one, you'd still have an advantage. I made it very easy to mod.

THis profile has HUGE potential at UB.
As you can see, I have two huge upswings and then a similar downswing.
I'm not sure what is causing this, but I am working on it.
I always quit for about 2-3 weeks after the huge downswings and then when I play again, I get those upswings.
This profile has won me over $500 at UB, in rakeback and also in points to cash conversion.
Here's a graph from my first customer:


"My graph on BetNGo 4NL looks like a frickin Mount Everest upwards.
Normally I'm all for sharing info but this time I'd better let it.

Best cashgame profile I bought to date." -Chuck Norris

"The moment, very happy with the profile I love the way they play, the best profile I've tried after 2 years of bot
thanks jhpkr28"- Piltrafilla77

"man i watched it play for a few hours now and i must say that i am impressed.
it made a superb play with 22 out of the big blind, it chek raised the turn on a board KKT7, not sure if this is programmed this way but damn i was impressed cause that's the style i play.
there are a few situation that i'm going to adjust. like some hands that have +EV when 3 or more callers but overall this is a great profile so far.