Update History For MTT Butcher

New Version 10 (2020.Aug.17.):
- Total invested part improvements: preflop and postflop
- Improvements on user defined variables and now you have postflop readings too (only for shanky bot)
- Completely re-designed and improved flatting, 3-bet, 5-bet, 4-bet system with new ranges
- Improved Open Raise ranges
- Improved "Kill The ShortStacks" part: failsafe code for bad bot readings

Version 9 (2020.Jul.31.)
Short stack code fixes for the Ophen Holdem version
- Improved user defined variables so you can easily see if the bot readings are incorrect in the shankybot's user interface
- 4-bet logic changes
- Premium hand playing changes
- New total invested calling parts
- Other minor preflop fixes
- Stealing from middle stack logic deleted since it wasn't profitable
- New total invested flop, turn and river parts
- Have Set logic added postflop
- Other minor changes postflop

Version 8 (2020.Jun.26.):
- Open Holdem (ohf) version fixed opponent sitting out detection code.
3-4-5 bet structure changes.
- Premium hands code changes against allin.
- Total Invested code changes in Ohf version: made more fit for open holdem occasional missreads.
Early Stage Logic re-designed according to Poker Tracker data for better results.
- Deepstack Open Raise changes.
- New Defend BigBlinds Late Stage added.
- Flatting One Raise code changes.
- New SB limp-Call range
- New re-designed flop c-bet and IP, OOP post flop codes.

Version 7 (2020.Jun.12.):
- Open Holdem (ohf) version made more fitted for inhuman poker: now it shows the executing code line while playing.
Many improvements on the preflop code.
- Many bad moves and code parts are corrected.
- Made more fit for the 2020 avg. opponent types.
- New better Short Stack logic.