Optimus Shanky Holdem Bot Profiles

Optimus is a Full Ring No Limit Holdem MTT Profile.

- Optimus MTT ppl or txt | over 790KB txt file and 7000+ code lines
- Original optimus instruction

As a new customer, of Optimus, you may have a general concept of what Optimus is.  Here are a few more Optimus details that you may have not known.
Optimus is a profile system, which switches between 2 styles of play depending on your stack size. When your stack is deep enough you have to spec to see Optimus playing the Negreanu hands pre flop to try to make big hands post flop for a low price. And when your stack is small spec to only play good and great hands pre flop (Harrington style) or shoving your entire stack if you have 20 or less big blinds.
Be prepared to see loose calls or tight folds pre flop like:  calling with Q9 after a raise when your stack is deep or folding AJ UTG when you are playing tight.
Optimus is always looking for good spots to try to steal a pot.  Don´t panic if you see a bluff on the flop, turn or river. Bluffs are generally in safe spots and sometimes you are going to be called but statistically 70% of time you will successfully steal that pot.

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