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Quote from: CP on 2016-03-12, 23:10:39
KGB+ SHANKY took down over 2k in a MTT recently. Imagine when the new version come out? At least I have a BR for the variance now. Thank you Egor and Cosmo, the dynamic duo that  rockout

Cosmo27's Personal Graph from American Dream Journal (SNGs & MTTs)

KGB Customer Noname81's $1 Buy in Graph

Customer - Luna Wolves Graph:

SnG Graph

If you ask if this suites 6-max tourneys, the answer is YES, placed 1st totally unassisted for 180$+ with 130+ players boxing  rockout beer

Great work Cosmo bowdown


Another top 3 in for $140+ totally unassisted rockout This time not 6max Smiley
Plz dont buy it folks wink


Within 3 days purchasing this profile
It finished 3rd place in a mtt
Awesome great job!


Well I have only played 6 mtts with the new profile and already cashed twice  rockout

The best part is I have a final table and won 85$ so profile paid itself the first day.    Smiley

I watched it play and I'm impressed by how it performs , especially in the later stages .



Another final table. Another $100!  rockout


Just like to add that I recently bought KGB. I've only played 3 tourny's so far and came...  2nd out of 10,  1st out of 6  and then 8th out of 300+

Only small stakes $5 buy-ins on William Hill but this excellent profile has already more than paid for itself.

Thank you Cosmo. Also excellent communication too bowdown


Got it thanks Cosmo.  Surely it can't be any better than 1.9 thumbsup

Only had the profile a couple of weeks and doing very nicely rockout

52 x 10 seat SNG -    12 x 1st,   4 x 2nd,   13 x 3rd,

30 x MTT - Highest finish 4th, 3 x final tables and 11 x ITM

All on William Hill and between $2.20 and $11 buy ins

Total profit so far >  $266.31   *not including rakeback & bonuses!!


KGB is easily my favorite mtt and sng mtt profile for ipoker. It was pretty good before the update, but is totally brilliant now

In the money and return on investment statistics will have to wait for a larger sample size and mix of accounts, but  rockout rockout rockout thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup


As a newbee, I am absolutely impressed with the work Cosmo had put into this KGB profile!!!

2nd Place finish in a 500 EUR GTD  boxing came on just the 1st day I tried  rockout  .....

Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you!  thanks


A tribute to one of the greatest movie characters and greatest poker movies ever made!

Introducing the latest and greatest all round tournament profile:KGB boxing

Some of you may know me from my previous work on the Jackal profiles. They are highly successful profiles that I spent a long time perfecting. I programmed them after my own playing style: a mix of old school poker and new school poker. Well after I had gotten them about as good as they could get I began wondering how a totally "new school" style profile would do. I did a lot of research on the big poker forums that hate us as well as read through books/articles from "Elky", Phil Galfond, Jason Mercier, and some other online poker phenoms. Thus KGB was born. Some key features of this profile are: advanced 3 way / heads up code... in depth C-Bet, bluff, and +cEV Push code... extremely aggressive short handed code... lots of randomization... special "Negreanu" code, etc.

In order to expedite the testing process I ran this profile in sngmtts. Its got over 1,100 tourneys logged in and much more to come. I utilized Balu's LAT Log analyzer to track down every single loosing line of code and correct it. This profile will play optimal poker and the graphs below show it. This profile is special because it is an all in one profile. I have tested it in the big MTTs and SNGMTTs and it has crushed them.

Lines of Code: 11,000+

Just a heads up for everyone, i used my jackal profile as a skeleton for this profile. KGB plays very differently than Jackal. The biggest change i made is the advanced bluff code addition. Jackal would play very passively on the turn and river if it didn't have the goods. This wasn't bad thing, but I wanted to create a more aggressive/Viktor Blom profile. For KGB i added a lot of advanced bluff code for turn and river. That alone made it play very differently, especially late in mtts and short handed/heads up. Besides that i totally changed how it played small pocket pairs and mid pocket pairs (got away from the traditional set mining mentality. In addition to that I changed its preflop aggression with AT+, etc. Overall it's much more aggressive, especially late in sngs/mtts when aggression is key to pick up the big blinds/antes. In addition to that I spent a month and a half using Balu's Log Analyzer to perfect every single line of code that was losing in the long run. That alone led to a lot of micro changes.