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Prior to the conception of Event Horizon, I was never truly convinced of a bots place in MTT’s.
I always had the thought that other botters had simply gotten lucky every once in a while and this kept them loyal to them and they inevitably ended up down.
After a variety of strat sessions between myself and Doomtrain, we decided to have a good shot at proving it can be done and that a pokerbot could consistantly win in the mid-range MTT’s over a large sample.
So we started work on a joint project months ago that was to become Event Horizon, i think the graphs above will show you as they showed me that there is more than a place in them for us when armed with such a strong profile.
They have certainly convinced me of longterm viablity at medium stakes, and should convince you too. The graphs prove it copes admirably under any circumstances that were thrown at it.

It was designed to play in the $10-20 MTT’s but all of our testing was done between $3-10 simply because of availability.
More specifically it should perform best at 1500 chip starter mtts with blinds of 10-12 minutes, it will play great in any format but should get the highest ROI in the structures it was built around.

The graphs are combined play of five testers, who are all experienced long term shanky users and all play mtts manually profitably.
All the mtts are played at UB for reasons of being able to graph the results, the profile will support all shanky rooms.

During testing the use of Bot Commander was utilized, and we loved it so much we actually decided you cant play without it and as a result every profile purchased includes a 1 year license for this software to go with your profile.

Do not forget to include your bot id in the comments box in either payment system, as im sure your eager to get started and this will delay you if we have to come asking for it.