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Here we have collected the main and most popular shanky bot profiles since 2010. We provide maximum secrecy and fast delivery via email. We have 100% Authentic profiles! Updates are free for buyers!

These profiles are scripts that tell the bot how to play poker. It has to be loaded into the poker bot before you start! WarBot and Shanky Bot can read these profiles!

New: MTT Butcher v5 (code cleaned up for WarBot use)

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MTT / SNG Profiles Version Price
MTT Butcher   Updated v5 $119
Sonic 2max Hyper-Turbo SNG v1.6 $29
KGB Advanced   Updated v3.78 $35
WebMTTAggGen2  v6_0_1 $29
Moshman SNG Pack v1.2 $15
MTT Champ v3 $7
Spin and Win (3max Hyper-Turbo) v1.7 $9
WebTurboSNGGen2 v1_6_7$9
Web6MaxSNG v1_3_3 $9
Event Horizon v1.5 $25
Optimusv2.0 $25
DrMTT v2.33 $9
Jackal pack (include JackalSNG) v2.3 & v1.8 $15
Stealth pack v16 & v18 $7
Bracelet v8.6 $9
Chaser SNG/DON/MTT pack
Revolution pack v1.2 & v3.5 $7
Invictus pack v3.2 $7
Iveyswish MTT v6.6 $9
Iveyswish SNG v1.0 $9

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Click on the bot script names for more info!
Cash Game Profiles Version Price
Retribution v2.0 $29
TeamChevy25NL v3.2 $25
Tensor FL v1.2 $19
6-Man Death Punchv3.1.4$19
Fish-Tilter v1.0 & v1.4 $9
SpeedPoker + Invasion + CakeEater v2 & v2 & v6 $7
Agripin v05b $9
EndGamev4.1 & v1.7 $7
Bellic 6-max v6.6 $9
Donkey Nightmare v3 $19
FireStorm 6max v01 $9
FireStorm FR (LAG & NIT) pack v2 & v3 $9
Stealth pack v16 & v18 $7
MSP2011 + MSP v78 + MSPX v5.1 pack v78 & v51 $9
SC Shark and Dogfish

Omaha pack (Team Omaha)"Team Omaha" made some profiles back in 2012$29
Full pack (all profiles)all profiles except MTT Butcher $129
Profile Genuine Check check your profile $9
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MTT Butcher private hybrid profile $119

All shanky bot profiles(scripts) are in txt format. You can download the password protected rar file to check out the profiles are 100% real at the side bar! You can check out the txt files with their sizes but you can't open them! Since the profiles are proven to be real, we have no reasons to scam you! We will send all the profiles to your desirable email within 24 hours!

You can pay via Paypal or Bitcoin!

Updates are free for buyers You have to request it with your payment email!

Proof video about the collection, it's real!: https://youtu.be/JlSw3-foSHk

20% OFF on everything with Bitcoin purchase!